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Women Veterans Network Australia

Women Veterans Network Australia is a network helping women veterans connect with each other to share information and access services via social media and in local groups. WVNA supports all organisations that help veterans and works with them to establish peer support networks focused on the specific health and well-being needs of women veterans to ease transition, isolation and assist with readjustment problems. WVNA is inclusive of all ranks who are currently serving or have served in the Navy, Army or Air Force, either in a full time or Reserve capacity, regardless of whether they have been deployed or not.
www.wvna.orgPhone: 0408 020 394

The Department of Veterans' Affairs
The Department of Veterans' Affairs is a department of the Government of Australia, established in 1976, and charged with the responsibility of delivering government programs for war veterans, members of the Australian Defence Force, members of the Australian Federal Police, and their dependents. 1800 555 254

A service founded by Vietnam Veterans, now for all veterans!
Open Arms provides counselling and support services to Australia's military community. If you have served one day of continuous full-time service in the ADF you can call us for support. We also support families, reservists and some peacekeepers. Open Arms – Veterans and Families Counselling (formerly VVCS) is Australia’s leading provider of high-quality mental health assessment and clinical counselling services for Australian veterans and their families. We are focused on meeting client needs through a combination of proven clinical practices and new and emerging evidence-based approaches. 1800 011 046

Returned & Services League of Australia Qld. Branch
RSL Queensland has been supporting our Defence family since 1916.Originally formed by soldiers returned from World War I, RSL Queensland is still run by veterans for veterans.
Our members are young and old, female and male. They have served overseas and at home, in armed conflict, peacekeeping missions and disaster recovery. What they have in common is service.
Today’s RSL Queensland is the largest ex-service organisation in Queensland, with more than 240 Sub Branches across 10 Districts, offering advice, support and camaraderie to all current and former Australian Defence Force members and their families.
www.rslqld.orgPhone: 07 3634 9444

Staffed by social workers, teachers, and Military Support Officers, DCO provides:
  • critical incident support for death or illness of ADF members;
  • short-term counselling and referrals for family and relationship issues;
  • crisis support
  • specialist relocation and posting support - preparing for and making moves, connecting with the community, advice on schools and support available to Defence children
  • deployment and managing absence support-how to assist children and families managing the Defence lifestyle, scheduling of support events
  • advice on DCO National Programs in relation to education assistance, child care, partner employment, community grants
  • support to units on base.
DCO provides a 24-hour emergency hotline for currently serving members and their family. 1800 624 608 (24 hrs)

Lifeline is a national charity providing all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention services. We're committed to empowering Australians to be suicide-safe through connection, compassion and hope. (24-Hours) 13 11 14


Committee Meeting
8th March 9am

SDESA Centre

Dine Out
13th March 6pm

Mussel's Restaurant

General Meeting
29th March 9am

SDESA Centre

Regular Member Days
Every Wednesday and Friday morning from 9.00am till Noon.

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